Submit a Sighting Report

Have you seen an animal that you can not explain? Want to report it? Your report will be kept confidential, but will be added to our database by sighting location if possible. Use the contact form below to let us know what you saw. Please do not forget to give us your phone number for immediate contact.


All information must be provided for this report to be reviewed. Name, E-mail address and phone number must accompany the information or the report will not be taken seriously. We use a variety of IP address, name, phone number, and physical address resources to confirm data being submitted to this site to thwart potential hoaxers. All accounts will be kept confidential and only necessary information about the incident may be posted. When filling out the report please be as descriptive as possible and include every detail you can. Please note that some information below is required in order to send the form. We will call you based on the time frame you request and will respond within 48 hours.